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Secret Sensory Suppers

For three consecutive nights during London Design Festival FranklinTill Studio directed Secret Sensory Suppers, a series of gastronomic sensory feasts in the atmospheric Masonic Temple at Andaz Liverpool Street, the East London lifestyle hotel.

FranklinTill Studio transformed the temple into an experimental space and guests were treated to an exclusive evenings of fantastical banqueting. Each night FranklinTill worked with a different creative partners, collaborating with the renowned Andaz chefs to create tailor-made menus and experiential, interactive evenings where food, sound, light and touch collided in a feast for all the senses.

Firstly working with Bompas & Parr to create ‘A Visionary Feast For the Senses’ the food was created by Martin Scholz, head chef of Catch. The feast accompanied a screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult film ‘Holy Mountain’ and guests enjoyed a sublime and extraordinary visual experience. The menu was inspired by grand hotel cookery of the 70s; guests drinking from a specially commissioned communal loving cup created by jeweller Maud Traon.

The second night was titled ‘A Sensual Night of Taste and Touch’. This experimental and intimate dining performance, free of conventional eating instruments, aimed to subvert the diners’ interaction with food. Masked assistants led guests through a ritualistic supper; the diners blindfolded throughout to heighten their senses of touch, taste, sound and smell.

To close the event Silent Studios created a MaSonic Supper; an evening of audio and culinary adventure. Based on the structure of a musical sonata, the MaSonic supper consisted of five movements. The composition of music and cooking intertwined as Kadir Konuk, head chef of private dining and events at the Andaz, synchronised the preparation of his dishes to a specially composed track performed by a string quartet. A collaborative musical performance allowed guests to literally play for their supper.