FranklinTill is a futures research agency working with global brands and organisations to explore and implement design, material and colour innovation.

Working with brands, organisations and creative collaborators around the world, we conduct, analyse and creatively communicate research, bringing it to life through strategic insights, publications and public experiences.

FranklinTill’s clients include lifestyle brands and design-orientated businesses in every sector. They turn to us for insight into the forms, colours and materials that will inform our lives in the world of tomorrow, and for bespoke, sustainable innovation strategies to help them shape it. At the heart of everything we do is a shared belief that research and innovation in materials and design are integral to a more sustainable future. For many years, we have been leading global discourse on sustainable design futures and strive to embed sustainable design thinking in every project we touch.

Our work is divided between two interconnected strands of activity. Our consultancy arm works closely with clients to identify design opportunities in contemporary cultural currents, giving brands the ideas they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We’re interested in the bigger picture, connecting the dots between culture shifts and aesthetic movements and exploring the intersections between technological advance, political change and public mindset. By analysing these convergences and understanding the design movements they give rise to, FranklinTill produces actionable research that enables long-term innovation, not short-term trend-chasing.

Our editorial and special projects division both supports our consultancy work and generates essential intelligence on the themes and ideas shaping and steering the global creative industries, delivered through compelling editorial, immersive exhibitions and events, our publications Viewpoint and Viewpoint Colour. As expressed by our industry-leading making manifesto Radical Matter: Rethinking materials for a sustainable future, sustainable material and design innovation is the heart of our thinking and process.

The Team

The FranklinTill agency team is an interdisciplinary mix of researchers, designers, writers and brand specialists, supported by a worldwide network of collaborators. For every project, we tap into the expertise and first-hand insight of innovators, academics, disruptive thinkers and opinion formers around the world, harnessing and contextualising their intelligence to create inspiring, meaningful and actionable output.